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The REVOLUTION STRONG SUMMIT brought together the word's BEST minds in strength and performance to educate, inspire, and empower. An online event unlike anything else ever created. Check out the amazing line-up below!

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THE REVOLUTION STRONG SUMMIT Was An Online Event With 10 AMAZING Days of "World-Class" Content From The BEST Names In The Industry!

The Revolution Strong Summit Was The Premier Online Event Ever Created in Strength Training, Peak Performance, And Injury Prevention With The Industry's Top Experts And Authorities - All In One Place!

A Mind-blowing, Revolutionary Experience That Will Not Only Transform Your Training, But Tranform Your Life... Whether You're A Coach or Serious Fitness Enthusiast, This Is An Event Of A Lifetime...

Speakers Featured In:


The PREMIER Strength And Performance Online Event In The World!

You will not only get a better understanding of the key principles for peak health, a high level of fitness, and training excellence, but you'll get actionable strategies and high value content to change your life forever. No other event ever will provide such a "deep dive" wiht the education and applications of maximizing human potential. This is the NEW REVOLUTION of training and performance...

Created Specifically For The Serious Fitness Enthusiast, Athlete, Coach, Or Sports/Rehab Professional. 

This is an event that will transform the way you think and train for the long term. An unparalleled experience that will gather the world's greatest minds in strength, performance, and injury prevention to provide a comprehensive and systematic approach to human performance. Unleash physical potential - for yourself or those you work with!

And the best part is you can watch this POWERFUL Event for FREE!

View Entirely Online

You'll be able to watch the entire summit online in video streaming sessions and with addtional downloadable content.

Listen, Learn, Apply

You'll be learning from the best in the world - and also get actionable advice you can immediately apply.

Gain Amazing Knowledge

No matter where you are in your training journey, you'll gain amazing new insights to improve results! 

Learn from the World's BEST Authors, Experts, and Authorities...

Check Out This Phenomenal "World-Class" Collaboration Of Over 30 Experts You’ll Be Learning From... 

Dr. Kelly Starrett

NY Times Best-Selling Author, Movement Teacher, Creator of MobilityWOD 

Dan John

Acclaimed Strength Coach, Multi Best-Selling Author, International Speaker & Lecturer

Gray Cook

Renowned Physical Therapist, Author, & Creator of Functional Movement Systems

Dr. Charlie Weingroff

Premier Strength Coach, Physical Therapist, & Human Performance Specialist

Steph Gaudreau

Best-Selling Author, Coach,  Athlete, & Mega Successful Health & Fitness Expert 

Chris Duffin

Elite Powerlifter, Performance Training Expert, Lecturer, Inventor

Dr. Quinn Henoch

Physical Therapist, Strength Coach, Weightlifter, & Seminar Leader

Dr. Stuart McGill

Professor & Consultant, Authority in Back Function, Rehabilitation & Performance

Dr. Mike Israetel

PhD in Sport Physiology, Professor of Exercise Science, Competitive Powerlifter & Bodybuilder

Chad Waterbury

Neurophysiologist, Strength Coach, Writer, Author, Doctor of Physical Therapy Student

Zach Even-Esh

Author, Unconventional Strength Coach, Creator of Underground Strength

Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon

Acclaimed Researcher & Scientist, Fitness Writer, Nutrition Expert, & Athlete

Josh Bryant

World-Class Strength Coach & Athlete, Multi-book Author, Renowned Performance Expert

Danny Camargo

Accomplished Olympic Weightlifting Athlete, Renowned Coach, Author, Seminar Leader

Dr. Jim Afremow

Leading Sports Psychologist, Peak Performance Expert, Best-Selling Author

Greg Nuckols

Writer, Powerlifting Athlete, Coach, and Founder of Strengtheory

Dr. Michael Hartle

Chiropractic Physician, StrongFirst Chief Barbell Instructor, Strength Coach

Dr. John Rusin

Fitness Writer, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Strength Coach, Performance Expert

Dr. Eric Goodman

Creator of Foundation Training, Movement Teacher, Author & Lecturer

Dr. Jose Antonio

CEO & C0-Founder of The International Society of Sports Nutrition, Researcher, Lecturer

Dr. Ryan DeBell

Chiropractic Physician, Seminar Leader, & Creator of The Movement Fix

Tim Anderson

Movement Expert, Multiple Book Author, Co-Creator of The Original Strength Methodoly

Dr. Chris Hardy

Co-Author of Strong Medicine, Board Certified Physician In Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Fabio Zonin

​StrongFirst Master Kettlebell Instructor, Strength Coach, Powerlifter, Bodybuilder

Travis Mash

Head Coach of Mash Elite Performance, Weightlifter, World-Class Powerlifter, & Writer

Brett Jones

StrongFirst Chief Kettlebell Instructor, Authority in Functional Movement, Performance Expert

Joel Jamieson

World Leading Expert in Conditioning, Book Author, Authority in Energy Systems & Performance

Artemis Scantalides

Kettlebell Team Leader & Coach, Writer, Strength Athlete, Seminar Leader, Fitness Professional

Joe Szymanek

Accomplished Weightlifting Coach And Athlete, Fitness Writer, & Podcaster

Tracy Reifkind

Author of 'The Swing,' Russian Kettlebell Specialist, Acclaimed Fitness Expert

Mark Reifkind

Chief Instructor Strength Matters Kettlebell, Former Competitive Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, Endurance Athlete, & Gymnast

Scott Iardella

Author of 'The Edge of Strength,' Podcaster, Strength Coach, And Movement Teacher


You Can Grab "Lifetime" Access To 33 Amazing Learning Sessions

The Revolution Strong Summit Will Transform The "New Breed" of Fitness Enthusiasts - All Over The World.

YOU DON'T NEED TO GO ANYWHERE! This incredible event is completely virtual and online, so you'll save time and money without the hassle of travel. This is truly a "summit of strength." You can view and listen to the entire event from your own home and check out the amazing speaker line-up on your own time. Register now and you'll get video samples and extras of this incredbile online event.

A Few Reasons To Check Out The Summit:

1. You'll learn from the VERY BEST on the planet! The speakers in the summit are each "hand picked" for their various contributions in the industry. The speakers are some of the world's best in strength and performance training. The Revolution Strong Summit aims to become the world's largest - and best -  online summit of it's kind. No matter where you are - beginner or advanced - you'll learn from the greatest minds and hear things you've never heard before that will make a difference in your training - or for those you work with.

2. Your expectations will be exceeded with a world-class online experience. This summit has been a vision for a long time - and now it's reality! Whatever your expectations, we guarantee that this event will be an exceptional and valuable learning experience for all. The collection of thought leaders will bring incredible knowledge, actionable advice, and key learning tips with each and every presentation. If you apply the material, the information can be transformational!

3. You'll get ONLY the highest value information to transform your training, your body, your mind, and your life! No fluff, No BS, Pure Content! One of the goals of the summit was to get the absolute best information from each guest - to provide the highest value content for the attendees. There will be things presented in the summit that have never been discussed before. You'll come away with new knowledge and practical applications to improve results. That's the bottom line. And, the event is entirely virtual - so you get access when it's convenient for you!


You Can Grab "Lifetime" Access To 33 Amazing Learning Sessions

Here's A Look At The 33 Sessions In The Summit:

Here's the schedule of events including speakers, talk titles, and days/times the presentations go "live." Check out this incredible agenda.


Session #1

Your Host, Scott Iardella: Summit Overview And How To Go From Learning To Implementation

In this short and important session, your summit host will provide you with a summit overview and how to maximize your learning for the greatest impact. 

Movement, Coaching, & Nutrition

Session #2

Gray Cook: Foundational Principles And Concepts of Human Movement

We'll kick things off at the summit and discuss the foundation of human performance - movement.

Session #3

Dr. Kelly Starrett: Essentials of Movement, Mobility, And Beyond

You'll get the very latest concepts in movement, mobility, and peak performance.

Session #4

Dan John: Essentials of Coaching And Assessment

What makes a great coach? Learn key principles of coaching and assessment.

Session #5

Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon: Habit Based Nutrition For Health And Performance

Learn critical concepts and simple applications for optimizing nutrition.

Mindset, Hip Movement & Mobility, Lateralizations & Regressions

Session #6

Dr. Jim Afremow: How To Develop The Mind of A Champion

Because no one can succeed without a winning mindset. Learn about the mindset of peak performers.

Session #7

Dr. Eric Goodman: The Importance of The Hip Hinge In High Performance

Take a "deep dive" into the importance of the hip hinge for optimal movement and performance.

Session #8

Dr. Ryan DeBell: Understanding Hip Anatomy And Mobility For Peak Performance

Specifically, understand how hip anatomy can impact our training for optimal performance.

Session #9

Dr. Charlie Weingroff: Lateralizations And Regressions For Maximum Performance

You'll understand how to apply lateralizations and regressions for improved results.

Special Topics, A Big Picture Approach To Strength, Underground Training

Session #10

Travis Mash: Destroying The Myths of Youth Strength Training

A fantastic 'special topic' session to better understand youth strength training.

Session #11

Chad Waterbury: Innovative Training Methods For Strength And Performance

Learn all about an uncommon approach to strength, hypertrophy, and performance.

Session #12

Steph Gaudreau: A Holistic Approach To Strength - And The Hidden Benefits of Strength Training

An importand and revealing session about the "big picture" of strength in life.

Session #13

Zach Even-Esh: Building Dominant Athletes With Underground Strength Training

A "no-holds-barred" session on underground training methods and much more.

Isometrics, Training Plateaus, Periodization, Powerlifting

Session #14

Josh Bryant: How To Use Isometrics For Maximum Strength Development

A focused session on how to effectively use isometrics to make significant strength gains.

Session #15

Greg Nuckols: How To Make Training Adjustments To Break Through Plateaus

Specific tactical approaches to break through training plateaus.

Session #16

Dr. Mike Israetel: Training Considerations And Periodization Strategies For Maximum Strength Development

Learn the science and practical applications of strength training and periodization.

Session #17

Dr. Michael Hartle: How To Get Long Term Results From The Foundational Barbell Lifts - And Avoid Common Mistakes

This session is an essential learning course in barbell training.

Fundamental Movements, Kettlebells, Bodyweight Training

Session #18

Tim Anderson: How To Reclaim Strength And Build Resiliency With Fundamental Movements

How to use fundamental movements to get stronger, move better, and be resilient..

Session #19

Brett Jones: Kettlebells From The Ground Up - Revisited. Applications For Movement, Strength, and High Performance

An amazing session discussing the unique applications of the Turkish get-up and hardstyle kettlebell training 

Session #20

Tracy Reifkind: Everything You Need To Know About The Kettlebell Swing

A complete understanding about the benefits of the kettlebell swing.

Session #21

Artemis Scantalides: How To Get Stronger With Presses and Pull-Ups

Specific applications to gain strength in pressing, pull-ups, and more.

Stability, Back Health, Sports Nutrition

Session #22

Dr. Stuart McGill: Back Pain - From Rehab To Performance Training

A "mind-blowing" session from the world's leading spine biomechanics expert.

Session #23

Chris Duffin: The Role Of Stability In Elite Strength And Performance

Better understand the role of stability in elite performance.

Session #24

Dr. Jose Antonio: Sports Nutrition For The Strength And Power Athlete

Covering keys to sports nutriton and supplementation to optimize training results.

Weightlifting, Movement & Positioning, Coaching

Session #25

Dr. Quinn Henoch: Optimizing Movement And Positioning For Weightlifting Performance

Better understand movement, positioning, and training concepts for strength.

Session #26

Joe Szymanek: How To Find A Quality Coach - That's Right For You

Strategies and advice to find qualified coaches and maximize training outcomes.

Session #27

Danny Camargo: How To Become A Better Weightlifter - Coaching Insights That Make The Difference

How to improve weightlifting performance through proper cues and corrections.

Hypertrophy, Performance, Program Design

Session #28

Dr. John Rusin: Hybrid Strength And Performance For Today's Athlete

Undersand the hybrid approach to improve results and minimize risk for injury.

Session #29

Fabio Zonin: A No-Nonsense Approach To Hypertrophy Training

Learn how to effectively build functional muscle mass while getting stronger. 

Session #30

Mark Reifkind: Program Design Made Easy

No-nonsense strategies to effective program design PLUS so much more...

Maximizing Health, Conditioning, And Summit Wrap-Up

Session #31

Dr. Chris Hardy: The Secret To Maximizing Health And Performance - Managing Stress

Understand stress (good and bad) and how to effectively manage it.

Session #32

Joel Jamieson: Ultimate Athletic Conditioning

A "killer" session about the importance of 'conditioning' and how to properly apply it.

Session #33

Scott Iardella: Summit Wrap-Up

Highlights, practical applications, and how to continue your journey...


You Can Grab "Lifetime" Access To 33 Amazing Learning Sessions

Bonuses With The "All-Access" Pass

If you grab the "All-Access" Pass - you get the extras!

Continue The Revolution With Valuable Resources, Training Extras, And More!

After the REVOLUTION, you'll get the additional bonus material and resources with the All-Access Pass that will help you continue the journey when the summit is over. We're working with our speakers and sponsors to share some great "extras" for being a part of the Revolution Strong Summit. The journey is only beginning...

Private Facebook Group 

We have a private facebook group set-up to continue the journey together. In this exclusive community, I'll be there to lead a virtual "mastermind" of high performers - like yourself - and we'll also have some of the amazing speakers. This is an opportunity to come together, ask questions, and build on what you learn from The Revolution Strong Summit!


Who Was The Summit Designed For?

The Revolution Strong Summit was designed for those committed to achieving their full potential. It's for the serious fitness enthusiast (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) or athlete. It's ALSO for the coach or trainer looking for the most cutting-edge information available from the world's leading experts and authorities.

Finally, this information can be valuable for the professional who works in the sports or rehab setting and wants the essential knowledge and practical applications to improve in their field. The summit is literally for anyone who's committed to becoming the strongest and best version of themselves - or help those they work with improve physical potential.

Is The Event "Online" Only?

Yes. This event is 100% virtual, which means you don't have to go anywhere and you'll have the flexibility to listen and view the presentations on your own time.  If you get the "all-access" pass, you can view the presentations whenever you want.

What Should I Do Next? 

Register to get access to a few FREE sample sessions. It's simple, just click the button below and you'll get acess to some highlights of the top sessions. Register right now so you don't forget. We don't want you to miss out on this incredible experience.

Sponsors, Partners, Supporters, Speaker Affiliations

Your Event Host, Scott Iardella, MPT, CSCS, CISSN, USAW, SFGII 

Hey there, my name is Scott Iardella and I'll be your host for The Revolution Strong Summit.. I created this summit to bring together the best in the world to discuss topics in strength training, injury prevention, and high performance. The goal of the summit is to provide information that will change lives and help people move closer to their physical potential - regardless of age, experience, gender, or background. Let us show you how to live strong and maximize your potential at The Revolution Strong Summit!

MY QUICK STORY. I'm fortunate to have been in the "iron game" for over 3 decades now and I've got quite a "back story" literally (you'll see what I mean). My journey has involved competitive bodybuilding, a devastating back injury, a background and education as an orthopedic physical therapist, a strength coach, a movement teacher, and a resilient, injury-free strength and power athlete to this very day - even in my forties! I'm honored to be the host of the top-rated fitness podcast, The Rdella Training Podcast in iTunes. I'm the author of The Edge of Strength and you can find me online at


You Can Grab "Lifetime" Access To 33 Amazing Learning Sessions